feeling exhausted & not sleeping well?

wanting something to change but not sure what or how?

feeling dissatisfied despite ‘having it all’?

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, then Sublime Holistic Wellness can help you!

Restore your ‘life force energy’ and come back into balance – choose Reiki or a session that combines Reiki with Holistic Wellness Counselling. Be gently guided to discover the answers that your inner wisdom provides. Located in Thirroul, in the northern suburbs of Wollongong. (Illawarra Region)

Reiki promotes relaxation and stress reduction which in turn affects your state of mind. Reiki is useful in encouraging a daily focus on mental well-being and staying connected to your thoughts and emotions. The process of Reiki can also help foster an increased level of insight into beliefs (both helpful and unhelpful) that you hold.

NB: At Sublime Holistic Wellness we don’t tell you what to do – we help you to discover what it is you’d like to change. From there we provide a choice of tools and strategies to help you in this.

Reiki is for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  Benefits can include:

# Relaxes muscles and eases tension 

# Enables your body to shift into rest/digest mode

# Relieves fatigue

# Strengthens natural self-healing processes

# Promotes sleep and balances energy

# Relaxes the mind 

# Relieves stress

# Promotes feelings of calmness and well-being

# Encourages emotional release

Sublime Holistic Wellness provides training courses. Learn Reiki for your own self-healing and to work with others. Or join with others in a workshop “Follow Your Heart’s Vision”. An ‘Introduction to Meditation’ course is also available. 

We’re located in Thirroul, one of Wollongong’s coastal northern suburbs.

Your health and safety is important and we are following current Australian Government and Health Department guidelines for COVID-19 safe premises and hygiene control.

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Treatments and Courses
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Reiki Treatments

We're located in Thirroul, in Wollongong's northern suburbs. We invite you to experience the relaxing and restorative effects of Reiki and reap the ongoing benefits of becoming more in tune with your inner wisdom.

Sublime Reiki Training Courses Wollongong
Reiki Courses

Sublime Reiki offers comprehensive Reiki training, in Thirroul, Wollongong - whether you wish to learn Reiki for your own self-healing and spiritual development, go on to be a Reiki Practitioner or make a further commitment to teach others.


“Reiki calms and centres me. It’s like a deep meditation of the mind and body.
Nancie provides a safe, comfortable, easy way to allow me to deeply relax. I come away feeling at ease, trusting and allowing my body and mind to take in the reiki magic.”

Justine, Thirroul


“I noticed a peace and calmness in my friend after her Reiki treatments with Nancie – I wanted to feel that too!

And I did – Reiki helped to deeply relax me and clear my mind. I felt back in balance afterwards. 

Nancie has a gentle manner and really takes time to listen to you and suggest helpful strategies.”

Lorraine, Wollongong

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